The method gets the Custom Products purchased

Namespace: Aruba.Cloud.WsCommon
Assembly: Aruba.Cloud.WsCommon (in Aruba.Cloud.WsCommon.dll)

<OperationContract()> _ 
Function GetPurchasedCustomProducts() As WsResult(Of CustomProductsData)
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WsResult<CustomProductsData> GetPurchasedCustomProducts()
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Return Value

The entity contains the list of Custom Products purchased, with the detail of each of it
This method allows you to retrieve all Custom Products purchased in the active state and the history of changes made to it
/// IWsCommon.GetPurchasedCustomProducts Method (c# .NET) 
public static string GetPurchasedCustomProducts(WsCommonClient client) 

//specify the account login details 
client.ClientCredentials.UserName.UserName = "ARU-0000"; 
client.ClientCredentials.UserName.Password = "0123456789"; 
StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder(); 

// call method GetPurchasedCustomProducts 
// obtaining a WsResultOfCustomProductsData item 
WsResultOfCustomProductsData result = 
// if the call is Success print returned values 
if (result.Success) 

stringBuilder.Append("Operation ends successfully\n"); 
// get Value returned from server 
CustomProductsData items = result.Value; 
if (items.CustomProducts != null) 

// category id for monitoring products 
int monitoringCategory = 4; 
// query for the productId 
var query = from CustomProduct product in items.CustomProducts 
where product.ProductCategory.CustomProductCategoryID 
== monitoringCategory 
select product; 
// for each item print the information 
foreach (CustomProduct item in query) 

stringBuilder.Append("\nProductID: "); 
stringBuilder.Append("\nCustomProductID: "); 
stringBuilder.Append("\nName: "); 
stringBuilder.Append("\nQuantity: "); 
stringBuilder.Append("\nDescription: "); 
stringBuilder.Append("\ncategory id: "); 
stringBuilder.Append("\ncategory description: "); 


throw new ApplicationException(result.ResultMessage); 

catch (Exception ex) 

// re-run the error 
throw new ApplicationException(ex.Message); 

return stringBuilder.ToString();