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IJsonPostWsDomains Interface

Namespace:  Aruba.Cloud.Domains.WsDomains
Assembly:  Aruba.Cloud.Domains.WsDomains (in Aruba.Cloud.Domains.WsDomains.dll) Version: (
[ServiceContractAttribute(Namespace = "")]
public interface IJsonPostWsDomains

The IJsonPostWsDomains type exposes the following members.

Public methodCode exampleGetAllDomains
The method retrieves all active domains owned by the authenticated user.
Public methodGetAllDomainsCost
The method returns detailed costs of active domains owned by the authenticated Cloud user.
Public methodGetDomainApplicationData
The method retrieves countries data useful to fill registration form (Countrycode, Country International PhonePrefix).
Public methodCode exampleGetDomainAuthInfo
This method retrieves domain authorization code. This code I needed for domain transfer requests.
Public methodCode exampleGetDomainDetails
This method retrieves detailed data of a domain: Owner Data, Nameserver data, Expiry Date, RegistrationDate.
Public methodGetDomainLockStatus
This method gets the value of lock status of a domain. If lock status is enabled, domain is not transferable.
Public methodCode exampleGetDomainTlds
This method return a list of TLD (Top Level Domains) which can be purchased by Customer.
Public methodCode exampleGetDomainWhois
Returns result of a public whoiscall using a domain name.
Public methodCode exampleGetIsAvailableDomainName
The aim of method is to check if a domain name is available and can be purchased. It also checks whether the domain name is available for other sold TLDs, and it returns a list of suggested domains names that are related to the specified name.
Public methodCode exampleGetIsTransferableDomain
This method checks if a domain name is transferable
Public methodGetJobs
Retrieves data of running queue of domain request owned by the authenticated Cloud user.
Public methodGetLogs
Retrieves data of domains’ queue requests owned by the authenticated Cloud user completed successful or with error.
Public methodCode exampleSetActivateDomainPrivacy
This method purchases the activation of Privacy on data returned by public Whoisservces on a Domain. Whois privacy validity ends at domain expiry date. If a valid payment is available, this method only enable data darkening.
Public methodCode exampleSetChangeDomainAuthInfo
The method changes Authorizazion code of Domain name in input
Public methodCode exampleSetChangeDomainOwner
This method changes the data of a domain owner. If original First name, last name, OrgName are changed method will perform a change domain ownership operation.
Public methodSetDeactivateDomainPrivacy
This method disables privacy of data returned by Whois public services on a domain data owned by Cloud Users.
Public methodCode exampleSetDomainAutoRenew
This method enables or disables autorenew settings of a domain owned by the user.
Public methodCode exampleSetDomainLockStatus
This method enables the block of domain transfer.
Public methodCode exampleSetDomainNameServers
This method changes authoritative nameservers of a domain with those in input.
Public methodCode exampleSetDomainUnlockStatus
This method disables the block of domain transfer.
Public methodSetModifyDomain
The method can be used to modify with a unique call Contact registrant, Domain Nameservers, Autorenew settings and Whois privacy settings. One can specify if domain should be blocked at the end of the operation.
Public methodCode exampleSetPurchaseCloudDomain
This method request a domain name registration, collecting following data: tld, domain name, domain contact data and authoritative DNS data.
Public methodCode exampleSetTransferCloudDomain
This method can be used to make a domain name transfer Request. Contact data and authoritative nameservers must be specified. Method call can be performed either for a request from an external registrant or for a domain owned by another Cloud user.
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