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IWsJelasticEnqueueActivateJelasticAccount Method

Activates Jelastic account, so it is possible to add or remove Jelastic services (servers and Jelastic jobs) in accordance to the service plan of the Jelastic account.

Namespace:  Aruba.Cloud.WsJelastic
Assembly:  WsJelastic (in WsJelastic.dll) Version: (
WsResult EnqueueActivateJelasticAccount(
	EnqueueActivateJelasticAccountRequest request


Type: Aruba.Cloud.WsJelastic.RequestsEnqueueActivateJelasticAccountRequest
A EnqueueCreationJelasticAccountRequest object describing the account to create

Return Value

Type: WsResult
The following example describes a method, called JelasticAccountActivate, which does a call to EnqueueActivateJelasticAccount on Aruba WsJelastic, The method requests the activation of the given account ID.
// Send the Activate Account request; the boolean return value indicates if the request failed (false) or not (true)
public bool JelasticAccountActivate(int accountID)
    //creating the request object:
    var request = new EnqueueActivateJelasticAccountRequest() { JelasticAccountId = accountID };

    //sending the request
    using (var client = this.WsJelasticClient)
        var result = client.EnqueueActivateJelasticAccount(request);

        //result.Success is true on Success, false on failure
        if (result.Success)
            return result.Success;
            //Logging error:
            this.LogError("EnqueueActivateJelasticAccount", result);
            throw new CodedException(this.GetErrorCode(result.ResultCode), result.ResultMessage);
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