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IWsDBaaS Interface

Namespace:  Aruba.Cloud.WsDBaaS
Assembly:  WsDBaaS (in WsDBaaS.dll) Version: (
public interface IWsDBaaS

The IWsDBaaS type exposes the following members.

Public methodCancelDeleteDbaasInstance
This method cancels a DeleteInstance request for a given DbaasAccountID.
Public methodDownloadBackupDbaasDatabase
This method gets the download path for a specific backup of a given DbaasAccountID.
Public methodGetBackupsDbaasInstance
Gets the backups list for a specific Dbaas account.
Public methodCode exampleGetDbaasAccountConfiguration
Get DBaaS account configuration based on DbaasACcountID
Public methodCode exampleGetDbaasAccountDetails
Get details of DBaaS Account for a DBaaSAccountID
Public methodCode exampleGetDbaasAccounts
Get list of DBaaS Accounts for user
Public methodGetDbaasAccountStatistics
Gets the statistics about the usages of a Dbaas Account.
Public methodCode exampleGetDbaasPricingTypes
Get list of DBaaS Pricing Types
Public methodCode exampleGetDbaasRegion
Get List of Region for DBaaS Account
Public methodCode exampleGetOperationsLog
Returns the list of logs of the DBaaS service for a specified period. It is also possible get the logs regarding currently working jobs.
Public methodGetPendingOperations
This method gets all the PendingOperations (for a DbaasAccountID if given).
Public methodSetEnqueueActivateDbaasInstance
This method enqueues an ActivateInstance job, for a given DbaasAccountID.
Public methodSetEnqueueBackupDbaasInstance
This method enqueues a BackupInstance job for a given DbaasAccountID (and, if given, every DatabaseID in list).
Public methodSetEnqueueChangeConfigurationDbaasInstance
Enqueues a change configuration for a specific DBaaS account.
Public methodSetEnqueueCreateDbaasInstance
Enqueues the creation of a new Dbaas instance.
Public methodSetEnqueueDeleteDbaasInstance
This method enqueues a DeleteInstance job for a given DbaasAccountID with option to execute immediately.
Public methodSetEnqueueManageBackupDbaasDatabase
This method enqueues a ManageBackup job for a given DbaasAccountID.
Public methodSetEnqueueModifyDbaasInstance
This method enqueues a ModifyInstance job for a given configuration.
Public methodSetEnqueueRenameDbaasInstanceService
This method enqueues a RenameInstance job for a given DbaasAccountID.
Public methodSetEnqueueRestartDbaasInstance
Enqueues a restart operation for the Dbaas instance server (only for dedicated instances).
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